People who love Christine and the Queens will definitely enjoy new EP from Iliona.

While the world seems to have come to a standstill for just over a year now, and one release after another has been postponed, there are artists who stubbornly keep working and seem to do so successfully. One of them is Iliona from Brussels, barely in her twenties and still a complete unknown a year ago.

With the help of the beautiful single ‘Une autre vie’, we are happy to bring her EP ‘Tristesse’ to your attention. Avid music lovers from French-speaking Belgium and France already know this artist, but elsewhere the young singer does not yet get the attention she deserves.

‘Une autre vie’ puts you on the wrong track with a long hesitant intro that could have been made by any ambient or electronic post-rock artist. A good minute and a folky passage later, the song shows its true face: a simultaneously danceable and somewhat dark pop song, completely put together by the artist herself.

Just like the clip, which tells the story from the lyrics in an original way, namely a relationship in which two people do not always have it easy because of some major differences and wonder if this is the life they really want. In the video, it all ends well.

People who love Christine and the Queens will definitely enjoy this single by Iliona. On the EP you will find 7 more songs, including “Moins Joli” from the summer of 2020.

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Photo credit: idemphoto

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