Jan Verstraeten

Whenever a fantastic new artist seems to appear out of nowhere, that’s great news. If that person seems to combine both musical and graphical talents, he or she can flood us with excellent tunes as well as impressive artwork and videos.

One of these upcoming multi-talents seems to be Jan Verstraeten. In a newspaper interview with “De Morgen” this 29 year old singer revealed that in fact he wanted to make a film, and while he was working on the soundtrack, he realised that he would much rather write a record. “Moon Face” offers us a first taste and it will be followed by an EP in 2019.

Without us knowing if this was the intention, “Moon Face” seems to provide the perfect soundtrack to end the year in a relaxed way and to put all the feelings and sensations of the past months in their right place.

It could be a lullaby, a Christmas song, but also the perfect soundtrack for a walk in the woods, a ride in the snow, a letter to a friend that you have not met for far too long or, why not, a post-surgery recovery, as toward the climax at the end of the song it becomes hard to tell whether the instruments express hope or despair.

The vocals get a very prominent spot in the mix, but the balance always seems perfect. If this was a relationship, we could say that Jan Verstraeten had us at “Away”.


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