Julia Pietrucha

A sophomore album of intimate compositions from actress turned singer-songwriter.

When people known from the screen take to music, the results can be, and often are, disastrous. Fortunately, there are also a few exceptions. Julia Pietrucha is one of them.

In 2016, she unexpectedly released her debut album, “Parsley,” full of stripped-back songs, often featuring just her voice and ukulele. Yet the music captivated the listeners with its casual manner and breezy charm, winning her popular and critical acclaim.

Her sophomore album, “Postcards from the Seaside,” demonstrates that Pietrucha’s musical success was not just a lucky break.

She proves herself to be a capable songwriter, confidently embracing a richer and more intricate sound.

The ukulele is still there, but it is often accompanied by a host of other instruments – strings, brass, and synths – creating a versatile, but still very personal album.

Sung both in English and Polish, the songs are connected by the motif of travel, just like on her debut album, making Pietrucha’s music a perfect soundtrack for any kind of journey, both literal and metaphorical ones.

Stream “Postcards from the Seaside” LP on YouTube and Spotify.


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