Two accomplished musical personalities from Poland unravel their new project.

Ola Bilińska is a versatile vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Her artistic output cannot be pinned down to any single genre. She has been involved with projects ranging from indie-pop, to folk, to electronic music.

Konrad Kucz, in turn, is one of the most experienced musicians on the Polish electronic scene. His diverse body of work combines ambient with classical music, contemporary composition and traditional Polish folk.

However, at the turn of the century, Kucz was also a member of the electro-pop group Futro, and in 2009 recorded another pop-leaning album with vocalist Gaba Kulka. His co-operation with Bilińska ventures into the same territory, while elaborating a distinct sound and feel.

For now, the duo only released one song, with a full-length debut expected to drop this October.

“Węgielki” (coals) exhibits an old-timey charm and fairytale-like atmosphere implicit in its dreamy melody and lush orchestrations. Juxtaposing the familiar with the eerie, it develops into an intriguing and captivating composition.


Ola Bilińska on Soundcloud, YouTube, www.
Konrad Kucz on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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