Lou Asril

You don’t need a lot of money to create a great video, right Lou?

Only 19 years old, Lou Asril is another young talent working with the established Vienna label/agency Ink Music. He’s been classically trained in piano, but he started writing his own music a few years ago.

Earlier this year officially debuted with “Divine Goldmine“, which immediately brought him thousands of fans (and over 200k views on YouTube to date). And in summer, he released his second video “Soothing Moving“, which was a worthy follow-up.

Premiered a few weeks ago, Lou Asril’s third outing “Friek” might be his best yet. It’s another great R&B/pop piece in his growing repertoire, but it’s also accompanied by an impressive video directed by Rupert Höller – one that took a ton of creativity rather than a heavy budget.

In the clip, darkness and light seem to have a tense dialogue and you can’t be sure about its conclusion. Similarly, “Friek” as a song is as much about sound as about that silence in the middle, both negotiating their way to a fragile balance. We can only hope Lou Asril keeps it exactly like that.


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Photo credit: Alex Gotter

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