In their latest single, Austrian electro-pop duo Leyya based in Vienna that brings us jungle beat and ultra-catchy chorus.

Leyya could’ve been a sound-a-like in chilly, bedroom electro-pop, but the duo adds a couple of special ingredients to an established sound. That’s why they sound so accessible while offering different layers of depth.

How urban and cosmopolitan their music might sound, Leyya actually hail from a small village in the Upper Austrian countryside. “Wannabe” is truly a joy from start to finish. The grooves never stop, and so the fun doesn’t either.

They’ve also released an eye-catching video for this single, directed by Rupert Höller. Or let’s say – “eye-dancing”.

Marco Kleebauer and Sophie Lindinger left early musical projects behind to form Leyya in 2014 and immediately got a lot of attention – including ours.

International success followed swiftly with the release of “Superego” in spring 2015, along with airplay all over Europe and placements on TV and commercials. In January, they followed up with another album “Sauna“.

We’d love to believe “Wannabe” is a promise that another LP might come sooner than anyone might expect.


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