Post-BRNS, post-Arcade Fire, post-Foals or something similar.

If you follow the Belgian alternative music scene more or less closely, the name Antoine Meersseman will certainly ring a bell. As a member of BRNS, he made himself immortal with the math pop sing-along classic called ‘Mexico’. Beehype readers may also have come across the group through our 2018 article on ‘The Rumor’, our Best of the year lists or elsewhere on the world wide web.

About six months ago, when it had dawned on everyone that covid was going to be around for at least quite some time, Meersseman suddenly threw an album of a side project on the market, namely ‘Earworm‘ by Paradoxant. The sound is both familiar and different.

The single ‘Mighty Sorrow’ sounds melodic, angular and full and could certainly be labelled as post-BRNS, post-Arcade Fire, post-Foals or something similar.

The intro tickles your curiosity, the vocals feel like a warm massage to your ears but Meersseman would not be that guy from BRNS if there wasn’t an ice bucket thrown over you here and there, after which you are dragged along over hot coals to finally be left behind confused with a comforting hot chocolate from the granny, the big sister, a good friend or your favourite barman/woman.

Paradoxant’s music certainly sounds mysterious, contagious too, but it doesn’t make you sick and it doesn’t hurt either. So enjoy it to the fullest.


Paradoxant on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp.

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