Maud Geffray

Maud Geffray, half of the duo Scratch Massive, composed „Polaar” during a travel in Northern Finland. Her journey through the nocturnal Lapland landscapes resulted in a Scandinavian-influenced synthpop album, flirting at the same time with some other dark-oriented electronic genres.

With her ethereal vocalises that could often be mistaken for Grimes’ distant echoed voice, like on the sublime „Goodbye Yesterday”, Maud manages to unify all her inspirations under the electro-goth banner: danceable techno and rave music („Ice Teens”, the Crystal Castles-like „High Side”), bass music („Voices From The Sky”), cold wave („Standing by my door”) or even slow post-dubstep and witch house on the haunting „Sick Of Love”.

Although the artist could easily let herself be submerged by all these heavy atmospheres and fall into caricature, she smartly alleviates her songs with luminous pop melodies and a clever production allowing enough space for the music to breathe, as reflected in the title track’s violins and the charming duet „In Your Eyes” with Flavien Berger.


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