Maud Octallinn

Maud Octallinn is a young singer whose sweet craziness comes from her taste for nursery rhymes, which she practiced since her childhood.

Her music is also deeply influenced by all the other styles (jazz, folk, psychedelic rock, etc.) she discovered while leaving the music academy at the age of 16, and this has created a strange and innovative world.

Last month, she unveiled her new song called “A cheval sur le monde rêvé sauvage”. As its title might suggest (“Straddling the dreamt wild world”), this extract from her next album is full of crazy singing and colorful instrumentations, mixed with deep and obscure sentences such as “Sortons le cheval fou de nos écuries” – “Let’s get out the crazy horse from our stables”.

It is thus natural that the track found its place on the new compilation “Comment attend un fou?” – “How does a mad person wait?”, written in a barely understandable way – released on October 28th by the French underground collective La Souterraine, with whom Maud had already worked in the past.


Photo: Camille Floue

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