Melentini captures in ten doses her weird claustrophobic little world that is full of atmospheric and melancholic songs.

With a second solo album for the young lady from Athens and her third time on beehype, Melentini seems to be one of our dearest artists from Greece, either writing music scores for movies (see “Afterlov”) or collaborating with other artists and music producers (see “Nightkisser”).

Some weeks ago I attended her new album’s “ZRSHA; Fundus Uterus” first listen night that was organised by her record label United We Fly. And while at times you will probably freak out with some of her videos or photos, I can ensure you that Melentini is quite a sweet and shy young girl, a spirit that sparkles in creativity and liveliness.

While her new album presents an emotional testimony with deep references to the work of the writer Virginia Woolf, as she declares, she sings genuine pop songs in English and her trademark “Zrshian” language, that unfold slowly over synthesizers, abstract sounds and downbeat electronic beats.

I can’t resist mentioning Björk, Cocorosie, PJ Harvey or Bat For Lashes, as some of her obvious influences, but without the sharp melodies or the strong material of the last ones.

Her new wonderful – and creepy as well – music video that was shot in a Ukrainian sanatorium, was created in collaboration with the 6th Finger Studio for her album’s opening track “Asana/Metamorphosis” and was nominated for The Berlin Music Awards.

But my favourite moment of the album comes with “Yellow Roses”, a lovely melodic pop song that speaks directly from the heart.

Stream “ZRSHA; Fundus Uterus” LP on Soundcloud and Spotify.


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