Barrio Chachín

If you find the teenage love drama depicted in the latest video from Barrio Chachín a bit too sentimental, the band are ready to admit: we wanted to come back to the time when we loved for the first time, and when we used to dream about things that were too beautiful to happen.

You might also hear a deep melancholy in the voice of Marco Rojas, the band’s singer. It might be because he and the other members of this rock quintet founded the group in Monterrey, but just like many other bands soon moved to the capital, Mexico City. With “86 Yo”, they come back where they met.

Since its birth, Barrio Chachín have released two full-length albums to date, “Hasta Que El Hambre Lo Demande” and the 2014 follow-up “Nosotros Somos el Resto”, and this video is the second single off the new album.

Apart from the jingling guitar parts that seem to follow their own rhythm, you might also notice the not-so-standard harmony in the chorus, which gives the memories a shade of bitterness.


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