Warsaw-based group Mgły has been crafting dreamy pop songs tinged with a hint of sadness and hope.

These newcomers have been consecutively gaining ground in Poland throughout the last year. The band has released three singles so far, with “Bałtyk” being my clear favorite.

The song is quiet and inconspicuous, oozing with the kind of melancholic tranquility that I find quite irresistible.

The title of the song invokes the sea at the northern border of Poland. And you can almost hear the sound of the waves in the slow, recurrent ebb and flow of the music.

From the very first sounds, “Bałtyk” creates immersive atmosphere and evolves into a beautiful, multilayered work.

Mgły’s yet untitled debut album is expected to drop sometime in 2019, so there is a good chance you will hear about them in the forthcoming year.

In the meantime, check out the band’s other singles by visiting their YouTube channel.


Mgły on Facebook, Instagram.

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