Miles and Mot

Less than a year after their terrific first full-length, “Island View“, Filipino indie-pop group Miles and Mot give us a shorter release but as absorbing as their debut.

The two-piece have been known for their sun-drenched guitar pop for a few years already. On their new EP, “Ocerulean Blue“, they continue their devotion to glistening melodies and shiny arrangements, while further improving their sound.

These four new tracks lasting just about a quarter might be their most laidback material yet, perfectly corresponding with picturesque cover and the EP’s title. There’s one exception though. In the middle of “Odysseys”, the sparkling main theme is fantastically interrupted by a shower of shredded vocals.

This little stirring results in their most captivating track since “Steering“, and it’s possibly a great promise for their future creativity.

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