Miss Garrison

Santiago-based trio Miss Garrison has grown to become one of the most outstanding groups to emerge from Chile in recent years, and their new album is one of this season’s highlights.

Al Sol de Noche” is a follow-up to their 2012 album “DeAaB” and the amazing “Land of Aloha” EP. And as the eponymous single promised a few months ago, the whole 42 minute record certainly lives up to high expectations after previous releases.

Led by a charismatic percussionist and vocalist Fran Straube, with Tomás Rivera on bass and Rodrigo de la Rivera on guitar, the group blended miscellaneous aesthetics – alternative rock, electronics, cosmic textures and free-spirited experiment – into one unique sound.

Throughout the 10 songs, they provide a vivid narrative of light, darkness, and where you find yourself betweeen these two extremes. There are bursts of psychedelic guitars, groovy synths and funky bass. But the sound is soaked with so much longing and eerie melancholia that it becomes totally beguiling.

Stream “Al Sol de Noche” LP in its entirety here.


Photo credit: Ramøn Adrián Vásquez Lemus

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