Born in Casablanca and raised in Marrakesh, Oum El Ghaith Benessahraoui – or Oum for short – is a singer, writer, and composer who has a penchant for jazz and soul but, at the same time, is deeply committed to her Sahrawi roots. Her eclectic music is a fusion of those influences.

Oum’s latest album is called “Zarabi,” which means “Carpets” and is a reference to the colorful carpets of M’hamid El Ghizlane, a small oasis town located in the far south-eastern end of Morocco.

The carpets, crafted by women using techniques handed down through generations, are on display in the clip for “Hna,” a nimble song in which Oum’s voice is accompanied by jazzy double-bass and trumpet along with Middle-Eastern percussion and oud.

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photo: Lamia Lahbabi

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