In the end of October, acclaimed Rostov-based band Motorama released their fourth album, “Dialogues“.

It is very grown up, warm, clever and calm album. Since Egor Parshin, Motorama’s frontman, has become a father, the band’s music became more tranquil. Same thing about their gigs. I was at their gig in St. Petersburg this weekend, and the group lost their temper only in a few songs.

Compared to their previous album “Poverty“, there are less guitar riffs on “Dialogues”, but more melodic and groovy synths parts in their songs. While most of the tracks fit in the a similar, relatively relaxed mood, ths new material is albo quite upbeat and carries elements of Motorama’s post-punk origins.

Despite the fact that their overall style continues to develop, Motorama’s music is still easily recognisable. We recommend you to check out the whole album on their label’s Bandcamp, but you can start with their latest video, “By Your Side”.

Stream “Dialogues” LP here.


Photo: Maria Bartulis

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