Between cumbia and reggae, vintage electronics and percussive mantra – MULA mesmerize us again with their latest single “Ella Sabe”.

Even within local scenes, it is good to stand out given the amount of material that is generated every day. And that’s the interesting part of the trio MULA. With each delivery, they create sounds and textures that are most characteristic.

This is also how we get the single “Ella Sabe”, a sample of the wide range of genres that these girls can cover. From a rhythmic base with the dembow in the sound pattern, it goes to R&B, mutates to a melody somewhere between cumbia/reggae, vintage electronics, percussive measures and vocoder used in a subtle way. There’s the formula: have a little bit of everything with a particular stamp.

MULA create a kind of ping pong in their sound. We have to highlight that ease with which the trio works. And having heard this latest single, we want to get the rest of the new material that is coming. Before it arrives, here we leave you these three exciting minutes.


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