Nihil Piraye

Since 2011, when they started creating sounds together, many things have changed in Nihil Piraye except the musical production.

“Evde Kimse Yok” (Nobody at Home) is their latest single and also the beginning of a 7-single song series named “Değildir” (It Is Not). Which means we will listen new songs from them, one by one throughout the whole year and maybe more!

Compared to the their last album “Sanduka” (2016) and other works before it, “Evde Kimse Yok” declares a new vision with more powerful synth sounds, strong rhytms and less guitar and piano tunes.

Probably they think that rock is dead like many others do, which I don’t agree but their new tunes sound good, that’s why there is no problem.

They also pin a funny video (at least we had fun, they said) to their new single where you can see a very early morning mood of Moda (Kadıköy/Istanbul) and a challenging dance performance of the band members.

They recorded this new series at their own studio KARE Müzikevi and mastering process made by Brain Lucey. It is one of the good things that today’s Turkey is experiencing, so enjoy it and if you have a chance – check their live performance with two drums on stage.


Nihil Piraye on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram + Pürtelaş 3+1.

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