One of the best albums of 2020 in the Turkish music scene, and possibly beyond.

Nilipek. released a longplay album as two following EPs named “Mektuplar I” & “Mektuplar II”. Both of them include five great songs, and it gives a feeling like a casette’s A and B sides, especially to my generation. The beauty of “Mektuplar” (The Mails) is not only hidden in that nostalgia feeling. This album is surely again in one of the best albums of 2020’s Turkish music scene.

Let’s start from the beginning and listen to “İbrahim”, the first song of the first EP. It is the stongest first song I’ve heard for a while. It was arranged layer by layer with a deepening melody texture, and very much like in this song, all instruments have a crucial role in all songs. That makes the sound of the album brilliant as a whole.

Second song, “Yaprak”, was released some days before the first EP with a video created by Nilipek. in 8-bit (watch it below). We saw her Mario version, maybe she became the princess that Mario is searching for, always in the wrong castles.

In “Herkese Yetecek Kadar”, we face with the rage of Nilipek. – of course limited by her naivity – accompanied by war drums. I wonder what live performance of this song in a concert will be like. Then “Günebakan” comes with a psychedelic/progressive pattern. As the last step, we get a duet of “hope” with Can Aydınoğlu who is also responsible for the guitars and the arrangement of the songs in the album.

When we come to the second EP, or let me say B-side to it, we see calmer face of Nilipek.. Which makes the seperation between A side and B side more meaningful in that sense. They show two different personas of Nilipek., at least from an audience perspective.

“Mektuplar” shows me that Nilipek. is changing, growing, and becoming a greater musician in that journey. In this album, you will see her influential composing powers more, next to her singing and playing skills. When I listen to this album, I feel like I lose myself in the music, which was a feeling that I missed for a long time.

With all vocals, backing vocals, delicious wind instruments, attractive and progressive arrangements, and the general atmosphere – we have a glorious work. Hope you will also enjoy this timeless album.

Stream “Mektuplar I” and “Mektuplar II” on Spotify.


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