A first single, a first record: Obliecht are a new formation that nobody expected. The trio brings indie, psychedelia and the Appenzell dulcimer together in a fantastic way.

The band is made up of drummer Anuk Schmelcher, Donat Kaufmann on bass, guitar and synthesiser and Elias Menzi. The latter passionately plays the dulcimer on the six songs. That’s right, the psychedelic vibes of Obliecht are amplified by the instrument rarely heard in popular music.

The album fascinates, the music is emotionally stirring, the sound space surprising. Exotic, driving and yearning: like a hike through mountainous environments without falling into the valleys of clichés. Obliecht dare to do something new and bring these ideas together with established possibilities from the indie genre.

Stream “Obliecht” LP (Irascible Music) on Bandcamp, Tidal, Spotify.


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