Ohzora Kimishima (君島大空)

“I packed various sounds into this song to express the situation when light is streamed into an overly dilated pupil, with no mercy.”

Tokyo based singer-songwriter and guitarist Ohzora Kimishima (君島大空) released his first EP “Gogo no hansyakō” (午後の反射光) in March this year. In the beginning of July, he shared a completely new single called “Sandō” (散瞳), which means pupil dilation. He talked about it in an interview for J-wave radio broadcast.

He started his career as a support guitarist for female vocalists. But at some point, he started to think that he should make his own music, and he shared his first songs three years ago. This year, he played at the Fuji Rock Festival with drummer Shun Ishiwaka from CRCK/LCKS, and guitarist Shuta Nishida (ex. Yoshida Yohei Group), Bassist Kazuki Arai from King Gnu.

The video for “Sandō” was directed by Tsugumi Matsunaga (松永つぐみ). Talking about the video, she said she intended to express “the despair in the bleeding light” by filming the video in a narrow space, where we can’t really see anything well.

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