Onk Lou

He is a character, a man you notice: Onk Lou. The little bearded guy with the powerful and scratchy voice recently published his debut album “Bogus“.

Actually Onk Lou has been a street musician all over Europe in the recent years. He was playing nearly 100 concerts a year in several living rooms in Germany, in Discos in Russia and on the street in Italy. And he still is a street musician.

A few months ago he travelled with friends to Gibraltar and back to Austria and played gigs every single day on the street. It sounds quite romantic, but he’s the guy whom you would give your money in the hat. Because he is that sort of human being who knows how to entertain and touching your heart at the same time.

For the official clips of “In the Morning” and “Drumstick Move”, Onk Lou has travelled to Cuba for the video shoot.

Not because he had too much money (artists never have), but because the flair of the island was the best surrounding to show his very own kind of pop-music with variable rhythms and powerful melodies.

With his band “The better Life Inc.” and his longplayer “Bogus” he is now ready for entering bigger stages.

You can stream “Bogus” LP here.


Photo: Bernhard Kaufmann

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