Plu Con Pla

11-piece collective from Colombia’s Pacific coast celebrate their roots, plus the best of what waves bring from across the ocean.

Plu Con Pla released their 5-track album “No Más Velorio” in August, but if you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere this might be the best moment for you to discover the colourful and positive from this 11-piece collective from Tumacu on Colombia’s western coast.

You’ll know they’re (not so) serious about their locality when you realize their name comes from their regional fish dish and banana. And mixing is what they seem to enjoy most also in music. While full of marimba, bombo and cununo sounds, they declare their debut has been also influences by African music (ngoni, djembe) as well as “reggae, hip-hop, and subtle electronic beats”.

So while the album lasts less than 20 minutes, it’s probably as much as you could consume anyway in one take. Unless you’ve already started dancing around your room, then simply click play again and the rhythms and melodies will take you back to Colombia’s sunny Pacific coast.

Stream “No Más Velorio” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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