Pola Chobot & Adam Baran

A new, autumnal single from the Wrocław-based post-blues duo.

Vocalist Pola Chobot and guitarist Adam Baran started together in a band Jabłonka, but decided to continue their music adventure in a more restricted format. In 2019, they released their debut album, “Jak wyjść z domu, gdy na świecie mży?”, to a critical acclaim.

In addition to Chobot’s one-of-a-kind voice and Baran’s low-tuned guitar, it featured guest contribution from two drummers, Filip Laszuk and Jarosław Korzonek, as well as Roman Puchowski on resonator guitar, and Magda Sowul on bass clarinet.

Minimalistic and dark, the music on “Jak wyjść z domu, gdy na świecie mży?” was inspired by classic blues sound, albeit with their own authorial take.

“Kurz,” meaning “dust,” is their new single, heralding a sophomore album to be released next year. Less riff-driven than some of their earlier material, it is a wonderfully atmospheric piece, revolving primarily around soft piano and ambient guitar sounds.

However, it is Chobot’s dreamy voice and unique way of singing that imbues their music with a poetic quality, making “Kurz” into a mysterious, hazy ballad that is hard to resist.


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