“From the very begining, we felt there should be exactly one song in Polish on the album. Possibly a vocal duet,” say the members of RYSY, a new electronic music duo based in Warsaw, who just released their debut full-length, “Traveler”.

“Przyjmij Brak” features Justyna Święs, the singer of another up-and-coming duo The Dumplings. “It took us some time to find a voice that would suit Justyna’s delicate vocals. Manly, but at the same time subtle,” RYSY say. Eventually, Piotr Zioła turned out a perfect choice.

While Justyna also wrote the lyrics of “Przyjmij Brak” (which could be translated as “Accept Lack”), musically it is based on “a house beat, bass guitar loop, and electric guitars,” the band says. “The harmony is completed by the addition of reverbed background samples, which determine the atmosphere of the song.”

RYSY itself consists of Wojtek Urbański and Łukasz Stachurko (whom you might already know from Sonar Soul). For newcomers, both “Przyjmij Brak” and their hypnotizing new video for “The Fib” have been racking up impressive numbers of views. But with the name borrowed from Poland’s highest peak, their meteoric rise shouldn’t be a surprise.


Photo credit: Filip Blank / Open’er Festival

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