Puzupuzu is responsible for one of the highlights from last year’s Highlife Recordings compilation “Chimique”, the smooth and gently rhythmic “The Eyes”, that we praised in our 2016 albums list.

The leader of the Vapeur crew confirms his talent with his first EP “Boro d’Enjaillement”, maitaining his hypnotic combination of energetic drums samples and atmospheric layers of synth. The first two tracks are nonetheless surprising, revisiting ghetto house and world music with a kind of minimal techno approach (“Wembaa”) or Four Tet-like groovy breakbeats (“Café”).

The rest of the EP slowly derivates to footwork music at its purest form – even more than his last year’s single – following the path of Chicago pioneers like DJ Rashad, as on the deep “Corruption” or the raw closer “Fxxdwxrk”.


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