Something of an anomaly in the Sri Lankan music scene.

Q has been captivating audiences in Colombo with her sultry, smoky, soulful stylings at her intimate performances over the past few years. She has released a few singles in this time, most notably the track “Everything You’ve Heard Before“, produced by underground beatmaker Bo Sedkid

Her latest release is also her debut music video, “Took It To The River”, in which we hear her sing about relationship woes over a laid-back, piano-driven chill-hop beat by underground musician Kaveen Rodrigo. Q’s voice is husky and atmospheric, while her lyrics cut to the heart of the matter. Her melodies and harmonies are evocative, with a calm ferocity that is teeming with sincerity.

“I heard your throat sing when you got under my skin”, she repeats, like a mantra, evoking visceral imagery speaking to what it feels like to be in this particular kind of relationship. This is the lead single off her debut EP “Hysteria” which promises to explore the dynamics of relationships, self-love, embracing one’s sexuality, and healing.

The music video itself, directed by filmmaker Rehan Mudannayake, is a leap forward for the Sri Lankan scene, as it subtly and delicately presents a woman owning her body, her sensuality and presence in a way that we have not seen before. In a scene known for sensationalizing and hypersexualizing women through the male gaze, this is an important feminist act of resistance and reclamation.

Towards the end of the song, she sings on an independent, self-assured note, “I’m always trying to be something more. I could have done this all on my own. I don’t need you, I just wanted some more”.

Her debut EP “Hysteria” has just been released and you can stream it on Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify.


Q on Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud.

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