Dark, sensual, mysterious, distracting and intriguing are just five words that could describe ‘Secret’ by Reymer.

The warm voice lures you on an adventurous journey while this well-produced song will keep you entertained along the way.

Tine Reymer has shown her talents in many forms and in many ways in the recent and not so recent past. She became known to the general public ​in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium ​as an actress in series on national television and in films such as ‘Loft‘.

Previously she had been doing a great job as a singer of bands that were not mainstream but had a good following anyway. At a young age, in 1990, this performer was already part of Flowers For Breakfast and some years later she was a member of El Tattoo Del Tigre. Also as a solo artist Reymer ​has ​released two albums so far, one as Billie King and one under her own name.

​’​Secret’ is the predecessor of a new album that will be released in October. It shows that Reymer is still alive and kicking and that her future looks as beautiful as her past.


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