Rita Indiana

Criticizing an irresponsible and corrupt government, “El Castigador” is an excellent new single from acclaimed singer and songwriter Rita Indiana.

When Rita Indiana left the music scene seven years ago we thought that we would not hear anything else about her, in those days she presented herself with Los Misterios. Now the writer and singer-songwriter – in 2011 named one of the 100 most influential Latino personalities by the Spanish newspaper “El País” – is back in the game with “El Castigador”.

“El Castigador” is a rock song with tambora (Dominican drum) and piano tones, which makes it a perfect hybrid. Here Rita takes the most rebellious side of her career. Recalling the 2010 single “No’ tá llevando el Diablo“, with lyrics aimed at an irresponsible and corrupt government that we have inherited for a long time – the song demands justice for the improvement of the Dominican people.

Accompanied by an excellent audiovisual material by Noelia Quintero Herencia (El Juidero / La Hora de Volver), in this single we see a new Rita Indiana, one that heads a round table where we are presented as the chosen one of a ritual evoking “El castigador”, the punisher.


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