Natasha Humera Ejaz

Mixing global and local influences, Pakistani singer-songwriter Natasha Humera Ejaz manifests the breadth of her inspirations – and her talents.

Natasha Humera Ejaz has been on our radar for almost 10 years already, a versatile musician – and music producer, and actor – exploring genres and languages.

He new 11-track album is a colorful summary of how her wide inspirations, with classic and modern RnB standing out, but there’s always pop, electronica, alternative – and even rap – adding their bit here and there, with modern global and traditional local influences intertwining in every song. And you never which language the next verse will bring.

Natasha was apparently planning to make “Ordinary Miracle” a mostly dance album, and it’s true you might dance to almost all songs here, but many of them will be slow dances, and in fact you could also play this album on your headphones to chill down or read a book. Well, it’s simply as versatile as its talented author.

Stream “Ordinary Miracle” (ہیرے موتی) LP on Spotify.


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