Sedef Sebütekin

Good lyrics, charismatic vocal and visionary arrangements – Istanbul-based singer-songwriter Sedef Sebütekin knows the formula of great songs.

In the last few months, Sedef Sebütekin has been sharing a new great piece nearly every 10 days. Although it is hard to catch her, I need to start from somewhere and I choose the song “Bugün İçicem”, which means “Today I’ll Drink”.

Like other songs she released in last weeks, if you see Bugün İçicem on any world chart – you probably won’t, as there are not enough empty places for such beauties – you won’t surprised and probably just add it to your playlist and enjoy listening.

I say that because the sound of “Bugün İçicem” is very contemporary and its arrangements have a very global perspective. Sedef wrote the song and lyrics, she also recorded it, while Can Ozan arranged and mixed it – and I believe he has a strong influence on the song.

In 2015, Sedef released her first EP named “Akustik”. Two years later, when we come to 2017, she started to release new songs as singles.

I’m strongly suggesting you to check out all of her songs after listening to “Bugün İçicem”, as she already released some newer ones – with one example below.

Her music uncovers the secret formula of making a great song: good lyrics, charismatic vocal and visionary arrangements.


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