Sexy Bicycle

Nika Kvratskhelia, or Nika Elia for short, is a young composer born in Georgia, but currently living and performing in Barcelona.

Some time ago he was known as Bartleby – dark pop, hypnotic music – and that’s why his return as Sexy Bycicle – co-authored with his brother Levanccio Elia – has been so celebrated in the local music circles.

After two great EPs, “The River” from 2012 and “AHÁ” recorded two years later, Nika finally released his debut album “Bit Kong” earlier this year and its opening track has just received a visual treatment from the director Nico Manzano.

Fittingly for a song named like that, “Mesmerising Gun” is a bizarre trip to the most flipped-out party you’ll attend this year.

You can stream “Bit Kong” LP in its entirety here.


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