Mohammad Fazli, commonly known as Sibti by his friends in Pakistan recently put out an EP on Soundcloud.

He has been part of Pakistan’s music scene for years, and was featured on a music show called Uth Records many years ago.

His lyrics are pretty strange, but I guess that’s what makes it fun to listen to for some. He has also been nominated three times in the past in Pakistan’s Lux Style Awards for his previous singles.

This time he put out an EP which is his first, called the “Book of Sibt”. Mekaal Hasan, who is a big-part producer in Pakistan produced this record, something not every underground musician gets to have in their list of pats-on-the-back.

If you’re a music snob, it’s not for you. If you appreciate music that sounds exactly like Classic Rock with little room for experimentation, give this a listen. This is still something unique coming out of Pakistan.

You can stream “Book of Sibt” EP in its entirety here.


Sibti on Facebook, Soundcloud.

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