Simge Pınar

Turkey has a fantastic new singer-songwriter who will take you back in time.

Simge Pınar entered our lives two years ago with a Sofar Istanbul video, with her own calm style like a clear water, which may heal your soul while listening and watching her.

Her music takes me out of this era of the world and carries me to back like a time machine. To the times when people listen to R.E.M., The Cranberries, The Cardigans and Cat Power. That’s a music from a time when we were not in such a hurry like today. And we all have some time to spend enjoying the beauties of the world.

Simge Pınar’s new single “Sangria” sounds like an unforgettable song from the past while it is quite new! I don’t have any idea about the formula for making a song like this but probably you will feel the same.

The song was arranged by Harun Tekin – the frontman of a legendary Turkish rock band Mor ve Ötesi. The video, directed by Muammer Koçak, doubles the effect of the song – especially about that time travel feeling.

“Sangria” is Pınar’s second single released in 2018. The first one, which is also great for me, was “Biz Hep Aynı”. I’m recommending you to check this one too and keep following her next musical steps while she is becoming a porcelain-faced superhero of our Turkish scene.

I want to finish my words with a translation from the chorus part of “Sangria”, which reminds me of the definition of today’s popular music: “The thing that does not kill us, makes us dirty.”


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Photo: Onur Kurtulmuş

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