Şirin Soysal

One of the most amazing singer-songwriters in the Turkish scene, Şirin Soysal recently released her third album “Mutlu Melankolik” (Happy Melancholic). I have a reason to call her amazing: she has three LPs with none of them repeating what had come before.

Her first album, “Bir Şeyler Var“, released in 2011, had a unique sound for Turkey with a strong cabaret element in it. Then in the second record, “Ziyaret“, from 2013, there were powerful references to art rock.

Although both of these albums, full of great songs, were arranged by Şevket Akıncı – an endangered music genius from Istanbul – no one could easily link them together just by listening to their works.

Now in her latest effort “Mutlu Melankolik” released on A.K. Müzik label, Şirin Soysal works with Cenk Erdoğan as an arranger and producer. This way, we have another different and beautiful album full of compelling songs.

The first video off this new work, titled “Son Gün”, was directed by Erol Tamer. If you listen the song carefully, you will notice Cenk Erdoğan’s great guitar work.

With some jazz influences in her singing, Şirin Soysal is a totally singular figure and a real treat for explorers of Turkish music. I advise you to check out her previous works right after listening this one.

You can stream “Mutlu Melankolik” LP in its entirety here.


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