So Flow

Gifted newcomers offer an eclectic mix of styles on their debut album.

So Flow are an up-and-coming band from Cracow. After releasing a live EP in 2015, they conducted a successful crowdfunding campaign to facilitate the recording of their full-length debut.

The album, called “Parallels,” was released just last month and contains smooth-sounding music mixing live instruments with sampling. Combining elements of hip hop, soul, jazz and electronic, So Flow’s sound could be classified under the umbrella term “downtempo,” but that won’t do it justice.

The lush sound of their songs can be warm, mellow, groovy, and invigorating, all at the same time. It combines ethereal atmosphere, hypnotic rhythms and cinematic grandeur into coherent and captivating whole.

And, if that is not enough, the album also features guest performances from prominent rappers: The Black Opera and Jamall Bufford. Just give it a try.

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