Darkness, mystery and groove from Belgian group S O R O R.

In the beginning there were only drums. Soon they were joined by an intriguing female voice, followed by some mysterious keys and an addictive bass line.

The song structure of “Sister” by S O R O R (which also means sister in Latin) could be a metaphor for the creation of the Earth. Or for life itself, showing that you get the best results by moving forward one step at a time, without overcomplicating things.

The song title is not chosen randomly, as singer Alice comes from a large family, having not less than six sisters. One of them has cut the family ties abruptly, without telling why, and this tune is addressed to her. From a musical point of view all this results in a wonderful combination of darkness, mystery and groove.

If you want to hear more from S O R O R, we have good news for you as the band released its first self-titled EP some weeks ago. The two ladies, lead singer Alice and bass player Sophie, are the founding members and still the core of the band, where they are joined by two guys, Thibaut on guitars and Arthur on drums.

And you know what? Because of all the references to sisters, the female band members oblige the male ones to rehearse in skirts, to put on make-up before they enter the stage, to drink white wine only and to eat rice waffles instead of candy.

Let’s hope it will soon be safe again to attend events, because we will definitely pay attention to these details next time we go to a S O R O R gig.

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Photo: Nico Neefs

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