Experience true Northern Atlantic magic with the atmospheric Faroese post-rock collective Steso and their new debut EP “Blandað” – which basically means “Mixed”.

The band is named after a main character and drug addict from the Danish 2005 movie called “Nordkraft“, but thankfully Steso’s music is addictive rather than the band being addicted themselves.

Steso’s songs are cut from the same cloth as their Nordic neighbors Sigúr Ros and Efterklang and it is just the right mix of melancholia meets musical playground based on a solid post-rock foundation.

Steso began to surface from the depths of the internet and here on beehype in 2014, but it wasn’t until the last year or so that the band finally got the recognition, they most certainly deserved through a nomination at the Faroese Music Awards and receiving the jury music award at SUNS Europe 2017.

Starring as the main character and primary songwriter of Steso is Hergeir Á. Staksberg. He is far from alone though as the makeup of the band seems to be very fluent, ranging from three credited members on “Bruni” to eight people participating on my favorite song of Steso’s, the hauntingly beautiful “Nærri at tær”.

“Nærri at tær” means “Closer to you” in English and features a personal favorite of mine, Konni Kass, doing the intro vocals. Check her debut album “Haphe” out (as well as recent beehype interview), if you ever get tired of listening to Steso. I doubt that will happen soon though as there is so much to discover on this 6-track debut!

Stream “Blandað” LP on Soundcloud or Spotify.


Steso on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook.

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