Jonathan Johansson

Johansson’s seventh studio album “Om Vi Får Leva” (“If We May Live”) is pure perfection and a perfect mix of classical strings, indie guitars, and rhythm.

The music is organic, atmospheric, and laid back but never too drowsy, primarily because of the words that hit you in your mind and soul. As always, it’s impressions from his ulterior spirituality, his social life, and the outside world

Jonathan alternates between turning inward toward himself and outward toward the world. We get small glimpses of his private life, small considerations from Malmö, and observations from all over the world. In the beautiful song “Alcamo Marina Domenica”, Jonathan states that “in Malmö, no children have murdered each other for almost a week”.

A heartbreaking reality check from the south of Sweden and the album is full of similar snapshots about both small and large things in life.

So the organic music, the lyrics, and this smooth Scanian dialect have been a winner since his first album in 2009 and it seems that he will remain a winner even in the future.

Stream “Om Vi Får Leva” LP on Spotify.

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