Soulful poetry and smooth electronic beats from the French duo Terrenoire.

The two brothers Raphaël and Théo are back with “Baise-moi”, a single from their upcoming first album, which should be released at the end of summer.

Faithful to the sonic universe we discovered two years ago in their first EP, Terrenoire captivate us again with soulful poetry, sung above smooth electronic beats. If the intonations almost convey a lyrical or theatrical feel, inherited from old French singers’ taste for beautiful words, the subjects and sounds’ modernity of their tracks often contrast with it.

“Baise-moi”, which litteraly means “Fuck me”, is no exception. Raphaël and Théo told they wanted to speak about love and sex without being metaphorical or too cheesy, like many songs based on these themes.

As its title suggests, everything here is straightforward, revealing its beauty in sincerity and crudeness. However, the way of singing and the post-dubstep, nocturnal urban-like music are still as delicate as before, making the message even more powerful.

The lyrics video, directed by Vincent Devay, also translates these ideas into explicit but gentle drawings.

“Baise-moi” marks a sweet return for Terrenoire and we’re now curious to see what will comes next with their first album, this summer…


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