Kyoto-based singer-songwriter YeYe is releasing her 4th LP “Mottainai” (もったいない), which includes some songs made during her recent stay in Australia.

While the album will be released on November 8th, she has already shared two singles from this new effort, recorded at Red Bull Studios Tokyo. These songs have an atmosphere of her recent life in Australia, as she explained on Twitter.

According to the lyrics, “Yurayura” (Swaying) is a song about heartbreak or paradise lost. It seems to be a metaphor of many things which threaten our daily life. “Mou issho jyanai” – we are not together now – she sings repeatedly.

In the second single, “Unzaridesuyo” (I’m sick and tired of), she sings that they always say lies, in Japanese “Uso bakari”. But she also sings: “We must live with smile”.

In this song, her drummer senoo ricky (from the band LLama) sings together with her, and trombone by NAPPI (from The Natsuyasumi Band) is added on the way.

These two songs seem to be so personal, but her friends support her, so she can always smile.
By the way, the new album’s title “Mottainai” means “What a waste” or “Be too good for”. It is sure that her songs are too good for me. I won’t waste a chance to hear her play.


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