77 Bombay Street

Four brothers from mountainous Scharans have just shared their elated new single, “Seven Mountains”.

The title might refer to the seven years the Buchli brothers – Matt, Joe, Simri-Ramon and Esra – have spent working hard both on stage and in the studio, which made them one of the top indie names in the Swiss scene.

They like to be compared to Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon, and, naturally, The Beatles. But you should rather think about folk rock heroes like First Aid Kit or Mumford & Sons both of these groups also being family businesses – and both of them sharing 77 Bombay Street’s dedication to harmonize every minute of their music.

The single “Seven Mountains”, oficially coming out today via Gadget Records, comes off their upcoming new EP and is accompanied by an extremely picturesque video shot, no doubt, far away from Switzerland.

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