A Toys Orchestra

Lub and Dub are the two sounds generated by human heart’s valves. So with their new album “LUB DUB”, A Toys Orchestra wanted to create a soundtrack for everyone’s life.

A Toys Orchestra are a five piece band from Campania (the region where Naples is), and “Lub Dub” i their seventh album. Enzo Moretto and Ilaria De Angelis are the historical members of the band, and the current lineup includes Raffaele Benevento, Andrea Perillo and Julian Barrett.

During their long career (the first album was released in 2001), A Toys Orchestra explored different aspect of indie-pop music, always keeping a dreamy element in their outputs. Here, in their seventh album, their style becomes more emotional, and, at the same time, more concrete. All the songs are quiet, they sound straight and dynamic at the same time, despite the slow pace, with a perfect balance between variety and cohesion.

Enzo’s and Ilaria’s voices perfectly adapt to this new direction, and lyrics explore what happens in the heart and soul of human beings, especially when we realize we deserve more than we have and desires take over and make us hope for better.

The title track anticipated the whole album, and there’s also a videoclip for it. The clip’s meaning, according to the band, is that “we’re all into the same machine, on the same boat, we all live the same time, the same life. It’s like everyone ha the same heart, placed into the same chest, and it’s beating here and now, lub-dub-, lub-dub, lub-dub…”.

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