Ana Ćurčin

Belgrade-based singer-songwriter spent her childhood in Moscow, but you’d think she rather comes from the homeland of country music listening to her debut album, “Sketches Of Belonging”.

She also seems much more self-confident, balanced, and simply professional than you would expect from a newcomer who started performing live just a few years ago, in 2012-2013, in local clubs and at showcase festivals in the region.

Around that time she released two remarkable singles, “Cut Loose” and “I Can’t“, both of which became bonus tracks on her first full-length released in January, which on the other hand was preceded by an acoustic appetizer.

Whether solo or with a band, Ana easily renders American folk her own mean to share rather bitter stories about life choices, loneliness, but also how you can “learn to grow from this”, as she sings in mellow “Grow”.

Available above, “Unknown” is Ana’s recent video and the opening track of “Sketches Of Belonging”, which you can stream in its entirety here.


Picture by Marija Strajnic / TeYosh

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