Latvian pop singer and producer ANNNA was one of nine short-listed contenders in a local song competition Supernova where musicians competed for a chance to represent Latvia in this years Eurovision song contest. Spoiler alert: she didn’t won.

ANNNA has already recorded few nice popsongs, she has proved herself as a capable and intelligent songwriter who knows how to create a trendy song. But ANNNA got wider recognition with a song “Polyester” written for a local song contest Supernova.

In “Polyester”, ANNNA raises social and climate issues, but it is not done in a serious and didactic way. Her song is pretty light, funny and slightly (self)ironical commentary on fast fashion. “Polyester” has catchy and memorable lyrics (it’s almost impossible not to sing along to chorus: “T-shirts…”), furthermore joyous and downtempo beats has the power to make people dance.

It is quite clear that ANNNAs` pleasantly soft, smoky and discreet voice, her song-making craftsmanship is spectacularly modern and most of all – her work of art tries to make sense of the world we live in.

That’s why it is a bit pity that we won`t experience ANNNAs` Eurovision show. Wouldn’t it be nice to see on Eurovision grand stage not only glittering and shiny performers, but also humble artists of a younger generation who have very strong point of view and who are the future of pop music.


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