Inhumanness and banality still is the new normal. At least Latvian pop band Instrumenti want us to think so.

At the end on 2017, Instrumenti released outstanding album “Atkala”, which was aesthetically and musically different to their previous work. This year the band published album “Cilvēks” (“Human”) that can be considered as a sequel to “Atkala”. This new effort is less contemplative, but it is more joyous and playful, filled with exquisite and inventive songwriting.

Like in their previous album, Instrumenti still spread the idea of banality and inhumanness as the new normal. Indeed, it seems like music is rather effective way to express true and sincere emotions in times of uncertainty and turbulence. Furthermore it is much easier to share ones values with a little help from friends. Especially when friends are some of the biggest names in Latvian pop music.

Collaboration with maybe the most popular Latvian popband Brainstorm on a track “Te saule aust” (The Sun Rises) perfectly characterizes mood of the first part of album where few catchy popsongs spreads hope and positive emotions. But very soon drama grows and leads to two rhythmically sharp sociopolitical comments by rapper ansis (“Atmiņas problēmas“/”Memory Problems”) and pop singer Intars Busulis (“Nēnujā”/”NoWellYeah”).

But the last song (“Cilvēks”/”Human”) sums up the concept of album with rather banal but fair conclusion – a human being is of great value and he is allowed to open up.

“Cilvēks”, with suddenly contrasting tunes and tempo, is not a concept album but still it has a dramaturgically powerful story that offers not only treat for ears but also challenges listeners` perception on what humanness actually is. And asks a question – do we have lost it?

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