“Nostalgia is what defines me, I’m a fucking nostalgic”, confessed Lara Artesi in an interview, certainly the best way to describe her debut album as Lara91k, “Como antes”, Spanish for “Like before”.

Lara was part of Coral Casino, a duet with a short life but big bangers in the alternative urban scene in Argentina.

Once it dissolved, in 2019 she started releasing singles and last February, she published her debut full length, an ode to nostalgia in which she explores themes such as identity crisis, complicated family relationships and love disappointments.

The album includes a featurings of Duki (a trap singer with the most massive audience in our country) and Santiago Motorizado (the leader of El Mató a un Policía Motorizado, the biggest indie band), as a sign of the versatility in her music and in her audience.

“Como antes” works as an homage to Lara’s adolescence, to those days with friends in a coastal town doing nothing, and at the same time the feeling of an identity being born.

Stream “Como antes” LP on Spotify.

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