On her latest album “Augurio”, Danitse Palomino explores the sound of 10-string charango, combining it with her trademark songwriting.

Charango is a traditional lute from the Andes, and you could hear it not only in Peru but also in mountainous regions of neighbouring countries. However, Danitse uses a contemporary version of this instrument, more bass-y.

She also decided to learn to play it all by herself, which resulted in developing her own style of playing and composing. We can hear the results of this journey on “Augurio”, a beautiful collection of songs that will delight sooth your soul and offer some of the best melodies you might hear this year.

What’s interesting, Danitse is also a historian and simultanosly to working on her material, she also explored the influence this “marginalized instrument” had on Peruvian music, especially outside of cities.

“When I decided to use the instrument to create the album, (….) I was no longer talking only about my personal story, but I was presenting a collective story, the symbol of an entire collective hustle and bustle,” Danitse said. “And that isd naturally evident in the songs.”

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