Narine Dovlatyan

An educated jazz singer, Narine Dovlatyan has not only one of the most beautiful voices in the Armenian scene but also a great musical sensivity that lets her combine multiple jazz, folk and pop influences into one disctinct, entrancing style.

Now almost 25-years old, Narine started her proper solo career five years ago with the hit video “Beautiful Sunday“. Since then, she has collected a range of music Armenian awards, as well as admiration of regular listeners in the country, not only because of her appearances in a TV talent show.

Although inspired mostly by American and British music (from Keith Jarrett to Lana Del Rey) and usually singing in English, her most recent single “Al Ayloughs” is all in Armenian. While in the song modern jazz seamlessly blends with folk influences and traditional instruments, the video gives us a glimpse of local fashion.

Photo credit: Vlad Abovyan


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