Auļi & Tautumeitas

Traditional Latvian folk songs about love and marriage brought to the 21st century – with a somewhat feminist approach.

Experienced Latvia pipe and drum band Auļi and rather fresh all female ethno ensemble Tautumeitas have teamed up to record “Lai māsiņa rotājās!”, one of the most stunning ethno music albums of the year, where soft but powerful female voices blend with rhythmical and vigorous sound of pipes and drums.

The whole idea is to tell a simple story about a guy and a girl who meet each other, then they get married and start to live together. The theme of a marriage is very common in Latvian folk songs. In these texts you can learn about sad experience when a girl has to marry a guy she doesn’t know.

But there’s also a cheerful side that Auļi and Tautumeitas have chosen to tell. Their interpretation on ancient marriage rite sounds very contemporary, and you actually might think about marriage from the feminist point of view.

The most interesting part about the record, however, is that the whole story is told musically precise, you don’t need translation for these olden style Latvian texts to get the story.

Tautumeitas’ singing is very colorful and accurate so you can grasp the thoughts and actions of the heroes. Meanwhile Auļi’s dynamic music perfectly interprets the course of events.

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